Trophy Digestive Aid



Trophy Digestive Aid

Digestive Aid contains a blend of natural herbs renowned for their nutritional support of the digestive system which may be beneficial to dogs that have ‘delicate tummies’ and suffer from digestive upsets, stomach or bowel problems. Many of the queries we get on the Trophy customer hotline relate to the dogs diet and are always digestion and bowel related. We advise switching to one of our Trophy premium dog foods and adding this wonderful herbal blend to the dogs food.

Contains chamomile which acts as a calming and digestive tonic, scullcap, again helps to calm and relax; and mint which helps support the nervous system and again is great in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Also contains aniseed which helps improve appetite, promotes digestion and relieves flatulence. We finish with comfrey leaf with its support of a healthy digestive system.

Can also be mixed with Trophy Immune Support for dogs that also have allergies or sensitivities.

Please be aware that we only supply Trophy pet foods to the following postcode areas.


If you are located outside of these post code areas and you are purchasing Trophy pet foods please contact to purchase your supplies.


Composition: Mint, Chamomile, Comfrey Leaf, Aniseed, and Scullcap.


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