Trophy Seaweed & Nettle



Trophy Seaweed & Nettle

Nettle is a widely used herb and has many benefits. Particularly useful in helping with the overall health of your dogs skin and coat. Excellent for hair loss and bald patches, it can help the hair to grow back. Can also help to stimulate a dog’s appetite, acting as a little ‘tonic’.

Seaweed is a naturally high source of minerals and nutrients and can be easily added to your dog’s diet for general nutritional maintenance of the body’s systems. Seaweed is also believed to be beneficial in maintaining pigmentation, coat condition & coat sheen. Dog owners also report that Seaweed can help dogs that suffer from Coprophaghia.

Working together, Seaweed and Nettle really do combine to support the skin and coat of your dog.

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Composition: Seaweed & Nettle


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