Trophy Whole Body



Trophy Whole Body

Whole Body is a blend of natural herbs to provide nutritional support for your dog’s overall health and well being, making it a great all rounder. It promotes health inside & outside the body keeping him bright eyed and bushy tailed!

This herbal blend smells wonderful and is a lovely tonic, ideal for body, coat and skin.

Contains echinacea which has immune boosting properties, fenugreek which can be used as an appetiser – great for dogs that need to gain weight; and seaweed which is beneficial in maintaining pigmentation and coat condition. Also contains milk thistle. This amazing herb helps support and maintain liver function. The liver is such a vital organ. Then we have garlic. Garlic has many benefits – it can help support the digestive system, but it can also form a natural flea repellent! It changes the flavour of your dogs blood, which fleas do not like. Finally we have nettle – nettle is a widely used herb and has many benefits. Particularly useful in helping with the overall health of your dogs skin and coat. Excellent for hair loss and bald patches, it can help the hair to grow back. Can also help to stimulate a dog’s appetite, acting as a little ‘tonic’.

You can see why we have called this herbal blend – Whole Body!

Please be aware that we only supply Trophy pet foods to the following postcode areas.


If you are located outside of these post code areas and you are purchasing Trophy pet foods please contact to purchase your supplies.


Composition: Echinacea, Fenugreek, Seaweed, Milk Thistle, Garlic Granules & Nettle.


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