General Terms and Conditions

Agreeing to use We Pet Care for your pet care needs means that you agree to our terms and conditions below.

General Terms

Animal Health, Wellbeing & Insurance – If your pet becomes injured or ill or suffers an accident whilst in our care, we may feel it is necessary to take it to your vets – any costs incurred are your responsibility to settle. We will make every effort to contact you in this event, but if we cannot we will proceed with any course of treatment recommended by the vet. We recommend our customers insure their pets for vet fees and third party liability – we are not liable for third party damage by your pet.
We are covered for public liability, key cover, care, custody and transportation of animals and injury through negligent and non-negligent care. Work with animals is, by its nature, unpredictable. accidents happen which may result in injury to your pet or damage to your property. Any requests for compensation due to injury, or damage to property will be referred to our insurance company (Pet Business Insurance) but please note that for it to be successful, it must be proved that this is entirely our fault and not predictable or foreseeable by you without adequate steps taken to prevent such an incident and that any damage did not exist previously and is clearly and irrefutably the fault of We Pet Care.
All fee’s must be paid twenty-four hours prior to any service being provided, Prices and Availability – We reserve the right to occasionally review and adjust the prices and availability of our services.
Additional Charges – Any unavoidable charges or expenditure that we must pay to complete a service will be charged to you.
Termination of Services – If you decide to terminate our arrangement, or we decide to withdraw service from you, then any keys held will be returned once the account is settled.

We Pet Care services Terms & Conditions.


1.1. Full Payment for all services must be received at least twenty-four hours before the service is due.
1.2. Any changes made to service requests will be invoiced separately and paid within our standard terms as above.
1.3. Non-payment of fees prior to twenty-four hours will result in the service not being provided and you must arrange alternative care for your pet. We Pet care hold no responsibility for your animal’s welfare if you do not comply with its terms and conditions.


2.1. Payment must be made to We Pet Care via bank transfer (account shown on your invoice) or via your customer portal card payment service within a clear twenty-four hours prior to any service commencing.
2.2. We are sorry but we are unable to accept cheques as payment for any services.

3.Cancellations & Termination of Our Contract

3.1. Any service to be cancelled, must be cancelled with no less than ninety-six hours. Any service cancelled after this point will be charged in full.
3.2. Clients may cancel any service at any time without charge, if the minimum notice is provided (as in term 1.3.1). Otherwise the full fee will be charged.
3.3. If it becomes necessary for We Pet care to terminate this contract, we will provide a minimum of one hundred & sixty-eight hours’ notice unless this is due to non-payment (in line with terms in section 2).

4. Services

4.1. We Pet Care make every effort to cover all services booked, occasionally this may not be possible. On these occasions, we will provide as much notice as possible that we are unable to cover certain days. In this instance your pet’s welfare remains your responsibility and We Pet Care cannot be held responsible.
4.2. Bank Holiday services are charged at double time and out of hours (5.30pm – 9am) services are charged at a time and a half.

5. Force Majeure

5.1. From time to time events may lead to us needing to cut short our services. These occasions are rare, but can include bad weather (such as snow, storms or high winds making transport difficult or walks unsafe for us to work, or one of us becoming ill or injured, traffic issues. We will always tell you when this is the case. This is not a regular occurrence, however when this happens we do not offer a refund.

6. Insurance

6.1. All our us are insured under We Pet cares insurance policy. Provided all bookings are made, managed and paid for through We Pet Cares customer’s portal.
6.2. Our insurance includes; transportation of and care and custody of animals in our care, key cover, third party liability.
6.3. All of us have insured their car for business use.
6.4. We are not liable for any injury sustained by your dog, or any third-party incident caused by your dog, unless as a direct result of our negligence – for this reason we strongly suggest all our clients hold valid pet insurance including third party liability insurance for their dog.

7. Other Terms

7.1. We reserve the right to review and adjust our services and prices from time to time.
7.2. Very occasionally an animal will become sick or injured whilst in our care. In this event we will make every effort to contact you, but if we are unable to speak to you, we will act in the best interests of the animal, and this may mean that we take your dog to the vets. We are not liable for the expenses incurred from this visit.
7.3. All our dog owners must ensure that their dog has an appropriately fitted collar or harness (with an ID tag) and lead that is left out for us to use when we collect the dog for a walk.
Bookings – All bookings must be made through the PetSitter Software.
Keys – keys can be given to your sitter on the additional meeting and held permanently to facilitate future bookings. Alternatively, we can leave the key somewhere safe at the end of the booking. We can also make journeys to you to pick up and drop off keys, but these journeys are chargeable to cover our time and fuel (£4.00 per Mile) and must be at a convenient time for the sitter.
Timings – We cannot guarantee a time for visits, we reserve the right to adjust our schedule to suit the visits we have on our books, however as a guideline, customers booking 2 visits a day will have a morning and evening visit and customers who have 1 visit a day will have their visits at approximately the same time each.

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